Camp Haan Army Base was an army base installation that was located in Riverside, CA Riverside, California Military Bases. It was precisely in the 8,058 acres of adjacent March Air Base and was named after a Major General by the name William George Haan.

This army base which was established on January 10, 1941, was known for being a training base for anti-aircraft artillery units. It was soon closed in 1946. Even so, it was a well-known army base back then. Now, it is known as the site for the Riverside National Cemetery and the General Old Golf Course.

Cost of Living: 10% lower than the U.S. Average

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: (530) 634-2863 or DSN #312-368-2863

Base Population: 70,786. With approximately 8,000 acres of land, it housed up to 80,000 soldiers. They were the ones who were always ready to be in the first line of defense when there was an attack coming.

City/Area Population: 321,786

Child Development Centers: There might not be such development center in the Camp Haan itself. However, there are some around Riverside City, like the one in Riverside City College (951) 222-8068. It opens to the public and students.

Youth Programs: Whenever you go to Riverside City, there will always be youth programs to follow. There are Performing Arts Center, California Museum of Photography, Oak Quarry Golf Club, etc. to choose to be a nice course for families, children, or just anyone.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: N/A

Employment: The employment grows pretty good in Riverside City. There are many colleges that offer people-care education. That is why there is pretty much employment for people’s care. The unemployment rate there is only 5,9%.

Base Services:

  • 353 wooden buildings
  • 2,549 floor tents, hospitals, chapels, exchanges, sewers, mess halls, and streets
  • Main weapons: 40mm, 90mm, and 120mm guns for soldiers

Medical Services: There is more than one medical service office you can find in Riverside City. However, the army base has only one military hospital, the Camp Haan Regional Hospital in the past.


Around the time in 1940, the possibility of World War II had made many military camps popping up here and there to prepare for troops in United States. At that time, the ones appearing in Riverside were Camp Haan and Camp Anza. Camp Haan itself was established on January 10, 1941 as it was said earlier. It got its name after the Major General at that time, William George Haan.

Few days later, precisely on January 19, Camp Haan got many troops. Mostly, they were coming first from the Minnesota National Guard and later from Mid-West. This camp began to grow with quite rapid pace with those troops and new structures too. There were 353 buildings and 28 miles of streets just by months later, around October.

At that time, Camp Haan was known for being a training camp for anti-artillery units. This was where soldiers received training in anti-aircraft techniques to fight against aerial warfare and bombing which were quite familiar in the war. Soon, it also received troops from around United States. However, before the end of the war, it became a Prisoner of War Camp instead.

Many prisoners from battlefield were sent to Camp Haan. Then, by the end of the war, this army base turned into a final military stop for the troops who were returning to their civilian life. Soon, this base disappeared with the building and supplies left were sold. Now, this base site has become the site for Riverside National Cemetery as well as General Old Golf Course.


As it was said earlier, Camp Haan was the kind of training camps, specifically for anti-artillery units. The soldiers were trained to have good defense against aircraft techniques and bombing. However, it has long become an inactive military installation. So, you can only pay respect to the veterans by coming to the National Cemetery or just visit the General Old Golf Course now.


Camp Haan was very large installation of army base. There were around 80,000 soldiers living there at that time. Around the camp, there were 6 chapels, 1 military hospital, over 350 buildings, 6 exchanges, and 2,459 floor tents. The barracks there were having wooden floor, potbelly stove, and canvas cots with 3” mattresses mostly. It was not a luxurious army base yet the living cost was pretty expensive there.

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