Camp Gonsalves is a US Marine Jungle Warfare Training Center (JWTC) located on 17,500 acres on the North side of Okinawa, Japan. It has been in continuous operation since 1958 teaching US marines and other Joint Forces how to survive and fight in a jungle environment.

The 3rd Marine Division manages and operates the facility and they are garrisoned at Marine Base Camp Smedley D. Butler in the central part of the Island. There are no military families that live at this camp, only service personnel who are temporarily assigned here for training occupy this facility.

The terrain is Mountainous and very dense with thick jungle making it an ideal location for a JWTC. Camp Gonsalves includes no less than 22 Helicopter Landing Sites, an Amphibious Assault Beach, Missile Range, Fire base and various other Training Sites. The current Commander is Major Matthew A. McBride of the 3rd Marines and notably, the Command was once held by, (who at that time was) Capt. Oliver North from 1973-1974.

The Training Classes here are focused on the small Units working as a tightly knit Team and, lasts for around 6 days with up to 300 Marines or Joint Forces at any one time. In recent years; however, the Camp has been the center of much controversy and protest by the local Japanese over the dangers associated with the activities that take place here. The Military Forces Stationed on Okinawa, as well as those on Mainland Japan is in the process of restructuring, consolidating and relocating in some instances to facilitate the Japanese People. None the less, the JWTC remains a very important asset to the US Department of Defense's Training and Readiness capabilities.

Cost of Living: In general the cost of living in Japan is little bit higher than in the US but, the Military makes adjustments for the difference in pay while Servicemen are stationed here.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 011-81-98-954-9755 DSN 315-622-9511

Base Population: There is on average no more than 300 Servicemen in training at JWTC

City/Area Population: The closest Village to the Camp is Higashi with population of 183,834 in 2011.

Child Development Centers: All Daycare and Education on Okinawa for Military Families is operated by the DoDEA and, there are 13 Schools for Americans spread around 5 different Bases. Contact the DoDEA Pacific Area Office Unit 35007 APO AP 96376-5007 Phone 011-81-98-953-5878 DSN 315-644-5878

Youth Programs: As Okinawa is home to over 30,000 US Military Personnel and their Families, many Clubs, Sports Programs and Youth Centers are available for Military Children. Contact: Kadena Youth Center in Building 499 on Kadena Air Base, Phone 011-81-611-734-0500 DSN 315-634-0500

Family Readiness Center: Contact 3rd Marine Division Family Readiness Officer at 011-81-80-1385-7083 DSN 622-9538

Employment: There is a Civilian Human Resource Office to help with Job placement on Okinawa, contact the Director at DSN 315-645-7544

Base Services: There are no Base Services at the JWTC Camp Gonsalves. All Personnel from 3rd Marine Division are stationed at other Camps on Okinawa where many services are available.

Many Marines use the Kadena Air Base facilities that include Commissaries/Shoppette, Fitness Center, Post Exchange, Family Recreation Center and many more. For more information on services contact 011-81-961-3366 DSN 315-634-3366


The 3rd Marine Division help capture the land that makes up Camp Gonsalves JWTC in the battle of Okinawa against Japan in 1945. In a way they never have left. The location became operational as a Training Center in 1958 named in honor of PFC Marine Harold Gonsalves who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor in the Battle of Okinawa in WW2. Throughout the Vietnam War it was invaluable for reading our troops with training for the jungle fighting they would face in that conflict. Today, it is the largest Military Installation on Okinawa and remains one the few Jungle settings for our Military to train for this type of warfare.


Units include 3rd Marine Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Regiment, 12th Marine Regiment, and, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion.


 Contact the Housing Management Office for all on and off Base Housing in Okinawa at 011-87-734-0582 DSN 315-634-0582






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