Camp Dodge Army Base is the camp base of US Army in Iowa. This camp is the unique one since this camp is closed and opened based on the need. The focusing point of this camp is the National Guard as the oldest US military organization found until now. Based on that reason too, this camp then is located near the Iowa National Guard location.

This camp also has the significant role for presenting some commemoration during some historical events. Of course it also contains some special historical places inside the camp for commemorating some special events in American History. So, the important position of this camp cannot be neglected.

Cost of Living: 4% higher than the average of the USA

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: (515) 252-4582

Base Population: about 40.000. That includes the military personnel, the people for religious service and the employees for some of the local services found there including the employee of the museum built in the camp Dodge.

City/area Population: 19,798

Child Development Centers: there is not such kind of Child Development Center in the camp. However, since in the camp there can be found the museum, it can be the appropriate facility for giving the historical awareness for the children.

Youth Programs: the type of the youth program can be found in Camp Dodge Army Base is the Regional Training Institute. Besides, there are also the Iowa Counterdrug Task Force and the Midwest Counterdrug Training Center built there. The latter also has the mobile operation for giving the service.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 431-4582

Employment: Camp Dodge Army Base has the larger employee directed into the museum employee. The tour guide for the museum also becomes the available job there. Besides, some other local services also need the numbers of employees for example for the research centers and for local law enforcement.

Base Services:

  • The complete training facilities for counterdrug.
  • Standard armor for National Guard
  • The transportation for the mobile counterdrug service.

Medical Services: from 1912, there is the hospital can be found in the camp. Since this camp has the special mission for counterdrug too, some places for the counterdrug training also can be found in Camp Dodge Army Base.


The history of the Camp Dodge is started in 1907. That is the first construction of the camp. The main mission for the camp is for training of the National Guard units. The other purpose is directed into the training for the Iowa Militia. In its beginning, the camp becomes the place for 163rd Depot Brigade and then it is continued for the 88th Division place.

Based on the need for the military personnel houses, in 1917, the barracks are built in the camp. The construction also is followed by the construction of some headquarters buildings, fire stations, post offices, some libraries, and the railroad depots. The religious places for Lutheran brotherhood also are built in the camp.

The area of the camp is reduced at the end of World War I. its management also is returned to the state. At the moment, the camp only is used for the introduction of the new soldiers until the end of the World War II. To be noted, this camp has its name as a dedication for the Brigadier General Grenville M. Dodge. He is the person who has the role of organizing Iowa National Guard in 1856.

Then, in the end of the World War II, this camp is enlarged again and it becomes the main place for the military training. Some facilities then are built in the camp and that is still be developed until now.


Camp Dodge Army Base is the place for some units of National Guard. It for example becomes the place for the National Maintenance Training Center, State Police Academy, Joint Forces Headquarters, and the MEPS installation. Besides, the camp also becomes the place for the 185th Regiment, the 2nd Brigade Combat team, and the 34th Infantry Division.


In its development 1917, there are can be found enough houses for 150 men. Then, the type of the mess and assembly hall also can be found there. Then the hospital, 3 fire stations, post offices, some libraries, and the railroad depots can be found too in the camp. The greatest buildings can be found there is the Iowa Gold Star Museum.

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