Camp Bullis Army Base is part of a unique Joint Military Reservation sitting on more than 27,990 acres in West Texas just 17 miles Northwest of San Antonio. Together with near by Camp Stanley and, Fort Sam Houston, is what makes up the Leon Springs Military Reservation. The primary purpose is for training in maneuvering from units including the US. Army, Air Force and Marine Corps as well as the National Guard. The Camp is also a major facility in Field Training for various medical units working out of Brook Army Medical Center. Camp Bullis also engages in the testing of weapons and ammunition, their storage, security and issuance.

Access to the installation is restrictive and security clearance for personnel is very strict here, due to the large amount of ammunition and sensitive nature of the work being done. There are also indications the Central Intelligence Agency has a presents on the Reservation. From the time it was first Commissioned in the early 1900's Camp Bullis and the Leon Springs Military Reservation have always been active in one capacity or another.

 Cost of Living: The closest City, San Antonio and Military Personnel from Camp Bullis enjoy a 13.5% lower cost of  living compared to the National Average and 3.7% lower than the State Average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: (210) 295-7611

Base Population: Permanent residence of Base Military Personnel is 130; however, this does not include temporary trainees who come through here.  The total number of the combined joint asses that make up the Leon Springs Military Reservation that number in the thousands.

City/Area Population: San Antonio has a population of 1,436,697, the Military Population of all combined Air Force and Army Bases that make up the Military Reservation here is over 80,000. This Includes Camp Bullis, Camp Stanley, Fort Sam Houston, Randolph Air Force Base and, Lackland Air Force Base. Together they are known as Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA).

Child Development Centers:

Timberwood Park Elementary School at 1404 Hwy. 35 North, New Braunfels,TX. 78130 (830) 885-8500 is 3.5 miles away with grades PK.- 5th.

Lopes Middle School at 23103 Hardy Oak Blvd. San Antonio, TX. 78258 (210) 356-5000

Popular with Military Families for High School is Episcopal School of Texas at 20995 West Texas Trail, San Antonio, TX. 78257 (210) 698-7171

Youth Programs: Camp Bullis is a very restrictive area; therefore, on the Base no services are available.

However, through Ft. Sam Houston contact Child and youth liaison at (210) 221-4871.

In San Antonio of course, as with any city this large, there is every conceivable program one could imagine.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: Available through Randolph and, Lackland AFB. Contact them at (210) 671-3722 (DSN) at (312) 473-3722

Employment: For all Civilian Military Employment Contact This is where Camp Bullis will post civilian jobs.

Base Services: Besides Base Operations Support and Training on site, many other Services are  available off base.

Examples include:

Camp Bullis Outdoor Recreation Program (210) 295-7577.

Gateway Club at (210) 645-7034. Chaplain Office (210) 221-5007.

Army Community Service at (210) 221-2705.


Camp Bullis started operations in 1906 with the purchase of 17,000 acres for training maneuvers from  troops based out of Ft. Sam Houston. It was then a staging area for troops during the Mexican uprising of 1911 and 1912. Because of Pancho Villa, Mobilization of Troops here occurred again in 1916.

By WWI it had become a large training facility with an Officers Training Camp. Artillery and Trench Warfare were taught as well as Cavalry Training. Between WWI and WWII the camp grew steadily and was used for Regular Army and National Guardsmen.

The camp was also active in testing and the development of Mechanization and Motorization and it was  featured in Life Magazine in 1939. Countless troops saw training here all through WII, with every Branch of Service. In the 1960's a mock Vietnam Village was built here for training. It continues to be a versatile training facility to this day.


Units from all Branches of the Military and the National Guard are represented  at Camp Bullis  including Medical Training Units and Military Security Units.


All Service Personnel are housed on base, contact Billeting at (210) 270-7638. San Antonio is a Military Friendly City with special housing just for Service Personnel throughout the Town.






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