Set near the Rocky Mountains in Aurora, Colorado, the Buckley AFB is a community for retired and working military officers, workers and their families. The residential area lies just outside of Denver and a part of it is in Adam’s county.

Cost of Living: The cost of living in central Denver is considerably higher than that of the houses that lie outside the metro area, and it evaluated at 111.50, that’s 11.50% higher than average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 720-847-9011, DSN 312-847-9011

Base Population: The number of military officials in Buckley are 7,098, dependents are 1,200 (living in private homes), civilians 2,421, contractors 2,119, guard 2,400 and retirees 92,000.

City Area Population: There are more than one million people living in the Denver area and around 325,078 in Aurora County.

Child Development Centers: There are 2 CDC’s in Buckley which look after children between 6 weeks and 5 year olds. A-Basin can take up to a hundred and fifty children and Crested Butte has space for about two hundred. Note: There is a waiting list for both the CDC’s and none of them offer before and after school programs for children between the above mentioned ages.

Youth Programs: Buckley’s youth programs are for children between the ages of six and eighteen, there are before and after school programs being offered as well. Seasonal camps are open throughout the year for the school children and clubs such as Boys and Girls Club of America and the 4-H club are quite popular.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 720-847-6681

Employment: With a diverse and steady economic base Aurora is the major hub for employment in the Denver area. The average household income is around $46,500 per annum. For more information on wages and jobs go to

Base Services: Buckley’s Force Support Squadron provides multiple recreational activities both indoor and outdoor for the residents. Go to .

There is a commissary on the area that lets you save up to 30% on your shopping bill, go to for more details.

ENT Federal Credit Union is a banking service for the residents

Medical Services: The Buckley community has access to the best medical care at The 460 Medical Squadron. One of the contractors on base is United Healthcare Military and Veterans which runs the TRICARE center.


Established in 1943 by the U.S army, Buckley Air Force Base is named in the honor of John Harold Buckley, a First Lieutenant pilot. An Air Force Space Command base, Buckley has more than 90,000 on active duty and its operations are based on air operations, surveillance operations, space based missiles warning,  etc. The base’s construction began in 1942 with about seven hundred buildings and the U.S Army’s Technical Training School started functioning there in July the same year. The base trained more than fifty thousand airmen during World War II.

Post World War II, Buckley transformed into an auxiliary field to the Lowry Air Force base and lost its military role. The base was taken over by the Colorado Air National Guard in 1946 which continued for less than a year with the Navy taking over in 1947 and renaming it “Naval Air Station Denver”. The Navy ran the base till 1959 after which it handed it back to Air Force. In 1960, Buckley was once again renamed to Buckley Air National Guard Base and simultaneously became the very first Air National Guard base in nation. The National Guard would control the base for the subsequent forty years as a specialty fighter base.

Till around 1989, the 154th Air Support Group (a unit of the Air National Guard) trained at the base to help the U.S army with ground operations. They had their own tactical radar and radar controlled vehicles but no aircrafts.  Buckley was militarily active again during the Cold War period with it’s participation in the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War etc. Even after the end of the Cold War, the base continued to be a part of major operations like Operation Northern Watch Operation Desert Storm, etc.

In 2000 the base was rechristened to its original name and was designated the 821st space group. Control was again transferred in 2001 to the 460th Air Base Wing and the base has since seen many changes with construction of various new buildings and housing units.

Units: Buckley has the following units on its base, the 460th Space Wing, the 460th Medical Group and the 140th Wing Colorado Air National Guard.

Housing: All the required information about housing with the Air force and the services provided is available at

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