Bolling Air Force Base is part of Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, (JBAB). District of Columbia. It is located southwest of Washington D.C. On 905 acres next to the east bank of the Potomac River and is a Military Installation serving in many different capacities. JBAB was established October 1st, 2010 as the result of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission when Anacostia Navy Base and Bolling AFB consolidated along with a Coast Guard Station. JBAB houses other Military Facilities as well, such as the Defense Intelligence Agency Headquarters. Their Mission Statement is, to provide Exceptional Mission Support and Base Services through Pride, Teamwork and, Excellence. Pryor to becoming JBAB It had been a regular Air Force Base and at one time fixed wing aircraft operated from here but, the Air Strip was closed back in 1962 to make room for different operations. Washington National Airport is on the opposite shore of the Potomac River and the Air Space had become too congested to safely continue Flight Operations.  

Cost of Living: JNAB has a 53% higher cost of living than the National Average, due to the most part from housing. The bases close proximity to Washington DC is the reason why the index is so high.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 703-545-6700 DSN 312-279-0450

Base Population: JBAB provides Installation Support Services to 17,000 Military, Civilian Employees and their Families.

City/Area Population: Washington D.C. had a population according to a 2014 estimate of 658,893 however; the Washington Metropolitan Area has 5.8 Million making it the 7th largest in the Country.

Child Development Centers: Day Care, Pr-K and Kindergartner are available at any one of three facilities located on the Base. Prices charged are based on salary, contact numbers are 202-767-2890 DSN 312-279-2890. The JBAB Housing is zoned for Washington D.C. Public Schools and, transportation to School is provided for children who live on Base. Contact the School Liaison Officer at 202-433-2566 or 202-767-2890 DSN 312-297-2890

Youth Programs: The Youth Center at JBAB offers many activities and programs for children ages 6-18 including sports and a variety of classes such as ballet, gymnastics and Ta-kwon-Do. There is a Summer Camp, before and after School Program and the Center has a full size Basketball Court, full Fitness Gym, Pool Table, Ping-Pong Video Games and great Music. Contact the Youth Center Director at 202-767-4003.

Family Readiness Center: Located on Base at 118 Brookley Ave. Bldg. 13 Washington D.C. 20032 Phone 202-767-0450 DSN 312-297-0450.

Employment: Contact the Family Readiness Center at JBAB which offers help with finding employment for Military Families. The Civilian Personnel Office is at 202-767-5207 DSN 312-754-7885

Base Services: JBAB is a huge complex and offers military personnel and their families every imaginable service. This includes the usual Post Exchange, Commissary, Fitness Center, Family Center, Restaurants/Fast Food, Library, Chapels, Beauty and Barber Shops, Clubs and much more. It is best to contact the Welcome Center for a complete list of Services located at 265 Chappie James Blvd. Building 256 Washington D.C. 20032 Phone 202-767-8958 DSN 312-297-5505


Bolling Air Force Base was once known as The Flying Field at Anacostia built under the direction of General Billy Mitchell in 1917. It was then renamed Anacostis Experimental Flying Field in 1918 and after WW1 to Bolling in honor of Colonel Raynel C. Bolling who was 1st high ranking Air Service Officer killed in action during the war. The base has served as a research and testing ground for new Aviation Equipment up to and throughout WW2 however, its primary mission had always been Air Defense of the Nations Capital. Bolling has the distinction of being the first home to Presidential Airplanes, later to be known as Air Force One. The base has a long history and list of Aviation Firsts and, Innovations. The Base is now home to over 40 different units from all branches of the Military and it serves as Headquarters for many them.


Tenet Units include the 11th Operations Group, the 744th Communications Squadron, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations 7 FIS, the Ceremonial Guard, Headquarters US Air Force Band, Department of Defense Intelligence Agency, the Joint Air Defense Operations Center, White House Communications Center, Coast Guard Station Washington, The Air Force Honor Guard and Naval Research Laboratory.


For all on Base and off Base Housing information contact the Housing Management Office at 21 McDill Blvd. Washington D.C. 20032 Phone 202-404-1840 DSN 312-754-1840







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