Blue Grass Army Depot is a 14,500 acre Army Base responsible for the storage of both conventional and chemical weapons. The Base is also involved with the production and manufacturing of these weapons as well as the facilities for safe disposal and destruction of such materials. They provide all branches of the Military with occupational specialty training and, Bluegrass Army Depot  contains over 1,100 structures. Recently Blue Grass Army Depot  has become involved with the production of armor components such as plates and inserts for armored vehicles.

Cost Of Living: 22% below the US National Average

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 859-779-6941 or DSN 745-6941

Base Population: Blue Grass Army Depot  is home to 1,160 personnel and most live off the base with their families in the surrounding areas. This does not include the many service personnel who come through here for specialty training.

City/Area Population: Richmond, Ky. 32,550

Child Development Centers: Burrier Child Development Center located at 521 Lancaster Ave, Richmond, KY (859) 622-1173

Berea College Child Development Lab located at 125 W Jefferson St, Berea, KY (859) 985-3620

Youth Programs: Youth Hunting program for such activities as deer archery hunt, deer muzzleloader hunt, outer tract hunt, small game, turkey hunt, and waterfowl hunt.(859)-779-6651

Family Readiness Center: Igloo Club & MWR Office Bldg S-19 along with other Army Community Services. In order to contact must sign up at website at

Employment: Contact Army Civilian personnel Online for job opportunities.

Base Services:  Conventional ammunition services, Chemical Defense Equipment management and manufacturing capabilities for the Department of Defense.


Blue Grass Army Depot was first established in 1941 In Richmond, Kentucky and by the next year it had begun full operations as a general supply and ammunition depot. The Base site was chosen for it's central location and remoteness to any large population.

In 1964, the base combined with the Lexington Signal Depot and became what is known as the Lexington – Blue Grass Army Depot. The Lexington building closed in 1999 under the Base Realignment and Closure Act. At this time, there area five US Army installations that store such chemical weapons, with Blue Grass being the smallest. The base is not only famous for its storage of such chemicals but more for its dedication to training service members.

Blue Grass Army Depot  played an important role in America's victory in WW2 and remains a vital facility for the Department of Defense. With the advent of Chemical Weapons the Base became one of nine locations responsible for their safe storage. Because of the sensitive nature and possible hazards of the operations conducted there it is closed to the public and, only classified personnel are allowed.

With the focus starting in 2013 with our conflicts with Syria, attention from media outlets were fighting for the destruction of blister and nerve agents that were being stored at this base. At this time a pilot plant should now be constructed for the destruction of such weapons with all being destroyed by 2020.


Blue Grass Army Depot hosts several Units including, The Chemical Materials Activity Unit, The PEO ACWA, The USATA and the Kentucky National Guard. The Blue Grass Army Depot is also known for its occupational specialty training for the ROTC, National Guard, Army Reserve, and the Army. Along with the various units, the base offers an on base helipad and other buildings that are used for energetic production, support, munitions operations, and storage.


Only a selective few live on the Blue Grass Army Depot Base mainly for those that are in training courses. On the other hand, the area has several wonderful homes for families that serve in the military which is usually found in Winchester, Nicholasville, Lancaster, Berea, and Irvine. With many families choosing the area close to the Fort Boonesborough State Park.

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