Located at an approximate distance of 20 miles from Yuba City and 16 miles from Marysville, California is the Beale Air Force Base. This base is situated in the Yuba County, which is around 50 miles away from Sacramento and 140 miles east of the famous San Francisco. Grazing land and rice fields surround the base; something that gives a sense of serenity and grandeur to the installation.

Cost Of Living: The cost of living in the Sacramento Valley is approximately 13% higher than other major cities of the United States. In comparison to the rest of the United States, Housing is approximately 22% higher, transportation is approximately 13% higher, and groceries are almost 14.2% higher in Sacramento.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: DSN 312-368-3000 & 530-634-3000

Base Population: The total military population on base is at an average of 35703. This figure includes 25,000 retirees, 832 civilian employees, 4488 active duty members, 949 reservists and 4434 family members.

City/Area population: The total estimated population of the region is 165,080.

Child Development Centers: In March 2012, Beale Air Force Base opened a brand new ultra modern child development center. This newly constructed child development center has the capacity to accommodate 304 children, which is twice the capacity of the old center. In addition to the child development center, there is also a Family Child Care program that provides a variety of day care offers in a home like environment. The school that your child will attend is dependent on your zip code but if required an inter-district transfer can be taken to change the school your child has been allotted. The installation itself has one elementary school on it, this school has grades K-5 and also offers a range of interesting recreational and educational programs.

Youth Programs: A brand new, ultra modern youth center has been constructed recently on base. This center provides a variety of interesting recreational and other activities for dependents ranging from ages 5 years to 18 years of age. Some of the facilities available on the center are computer rooms, indoor gymnasium, after school classrooms, music rooms, rock climbing wall, indoor basketball courts, dance rooms, roller-skating, game rooms and a variety of other facilities.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: Contact 530-634-2863

Employment: In comparison to the rest of the United States, California faces a much higher rate of unemployment of 6.9%. There is an unemployment rate of 11.2% in Yuba County. There are still a number of jobs available despite the alarming unemployment rates in the state and region. The positions available include retail trade jobs, service related jobs, administrative jobs and also several seasonal work opportunities.

Base Services

The base services on post include the following: 1 commissary, exchange system, Force Support Squadron (Recreational facilities, outdoor and indoor facilities) and banking.

Medical Services: The 9th Medical Group Clinic provides primary Healthcare. Since there are no available specialty services offered in this medical clinic, military personnel and their families have to depend on TRICARE to provide them their special health requirements. Emergency care available for military personnel and their family members is received from local community hospitals.


This air force base was named after the nineteenth century pioneer, Edward Fitzgerald Beale. In the year 1942, Camp Beale was opened as a training site for a range of military units. More than 60,000 soldiers lived in Camp Beale during World War 2. In 1948, the camp was converted into an air force base from an army base. This base comprises of over 86,000 acres of land.


·         31st Bombardment Squadron

·         456th Strategic Aerospace Wing


For this air force base, family housing is privatized. Family housing is owned by Balfour Beatty Communities and they are also responsible for managing, constructing and repairing the community. If you wish the buy or rent a house in the local community, you can select a privatized house by signing a lease agreement with Balfour Beatty Communities. It is necessary for one to get in touch the HMO once they get the news of transfer to Beale. Privatized housing comes with a variety interesting and fun recreational activities. These amenities include a youth center, playgrounds, parks, a pool, a bowling center, a golf course and several other facilities.

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