The Barksdale Air Force Base is situated in Bossier City, in the northwest part of Louisiana. Shreveport, the largest city in Louisiana is located in Caddo Parish, which is just across the Red River from Bossier City. The base is at a distance of 3 hours from Jackson Mississippi and 2.5 hours from Dallas Texas. Both Bossier City as well as Shreveport are extremely fun and interesting cities. The Barksdale Air Force Base is a very popular place for the military retirees as well as their families who call the place their home. It is a very pleasant place to stay and work. The Air Force Base has emerged from the Louisiana’s cotton fields in the 1930s. Today the base is one of the most important sources of employment and revenue for the area. It is a base for Air Strike and thus, plays a very important role when it comes to providing a huge part of the deterrent force of the nation. The base serves for enhancing the awareness in public regarding the capabilities as well as the preparedness of the Air Force Base. It is also the home of B-52 and grants access to the tour of the military installation.

Cost Of Living: The overall cost of living in Bossier City is approximately 20.6% lower than other major cities in the United States, at an average of 79.4%

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: DSN 312-781-1110 & 318-456-1110

Base Population: The total military population on base is at an average of 57,650. This figure includes 7700 family members, 40000 retirees, 7800 active duty and reservist and 2150 civilian employees.

City/Area Population: The total population of Bossier City is approximately 61306.

Child Development Centers: The CDC at Barksdale AFB is an important part of life, providing hourly, day, before and after school service to kids. The center can accommodate approximately 190 children at a time. There are 2 available schools, which provide education for children from grade K-12. Caddo Parish as well as Bossier Parish are both public education systems.

Youth Programs: The Barksdale Air Force Base Youth center is a state of the art center. It is approximately 19,922 sq. feet large and has a variety of services for teenagers. There are 3 activity rooms, 1 dance room, a snack bar, a patio, a lounge, a TV room, a study room and a large game room in the center.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: Contact number for the community services center: 318-456-8400

Employment: Maximum available employment is in the social services, health care, education services, food services, accommodations and construction fields. The rate of unemployment is approximately 6.1% and the average household income of the area is $41,583.

Base Services: The base services on post include 1 commissary, 1 exchange system, Force Support squadron (which has provisions for interesting indoor and outdoor activities) and 2 financial institutions (Barksdale Credit Union and Fort Still National Bank)

Medical Services: The on base medical services are provided on priority basis. Active military personnel are always given the first priority, followed by priority given to TRICARE enrollees.


The Barksdale Air Force Base has emerged from the fields of cotton in the Northwestern part of Louisiana in the year 1930. This base has also become one of the main sources of employment, income and revenue for the area. BAFB has provided services to the Arkansas-Louisiana-Texas region for over 68 years.


·         2nd Medical Group

·         2nd Bomb Wing

·         Barksdale Global Power Museum

·         2nd Maintenance Group

·         2nd Operations Group


BAFB has privatized military and family housing. The family housing is owned by Hunt Communities, which takes up the responsibility of managing the community. One can either choose to purchase or rent out a home in the local community or they can even select the option of living in a private house by signing a tenancy agreement with Hunt Communities. There are a variety of interesting amenities available in private housing; these include basketball courts, media rooms, swimming pool, and community center with Wi-Fi, kitchen, fitness area, playgrounds and other interesting facilities.. There is a campus on Barksdale with dormitories; these dormitories have a private room with sharing bathroom and kitchen facilities. The amenities on the campus include TV rooms, dayrooms with dartboards, Ping-Pong tables, reading rooms and a variety of other facilities.

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