One of the spearheads of military aviation with years of experience in training the militants in the aviating front is the Altus Air Force Base situated in Oklahoma; U.S.A. Altus is one of the cities to have shown sharp progress in Oklahoma, thus aiding the prosperity of this very installation. The Air Force is highly indebted to the citizens for their support towards the force. This base tries to train the combatants in such a manner so that they emerge as well-qualified, and are ever ready to perform and showcase their skills.

Cost of Living: The cost of living in Altus is 78.9% which is lower than the average of the major cities in U.S.A.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 580-482-8100; DSN 312-866-1110

Base Population: The population of the base includes 2,048 militants and their dependent members, and retired personnel.

City/Area Population: The population strength of Altus, Oklahoma is 22,000.

Child Development Centers: The Child Development Center in Altus Air Force Base is devised with modernized tools to cater to the children residing at the installation. It is equipped with a room having equipment and toys for developing the motor skills of children. The Center facilitates in providing full day, and hourly care. It also has an exclusive Enrichment Program to offer. Playgrounds are available for the toddler group and children up to 2 years of age. The center for care can be availed for 6 weeks to 4 years age group of children.

Youth Programs: The youths of the Altus Air Force Base are provided with entertainment programs by the Altus AFB Youth Center. Some of these include lock-ins, bowling, pool, pool parties, and sports activities like karate, skill development classes, gymnastics, golf, art and craft classes, scientific development center etc.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 580-481-6761

Employment: Altus has an unemployment rate pegged at 5.6% where the average family income is %36, 512.

Base Services:

  • Financial Facilities: The credit services in Altus Air Force Base are provided by the Banking Altus AFB 2 Banks, NBC and Red River.
  • MWR Facilities: The recreational services which are available to the populace of the base are clubs, library and indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Exchange Facilities: Exchange facilities are small both in number and size. Commissaries are available but in restricted numbers.

Medical Services: The elementary treatments are looked after by the 97th Medical Group located in Building 46. This health center is available for the on-duty military personnel and their families, as well as the retired soldiers. The Dental clinic aids all the active militants with preliminary treatment. The nearby hospital is 2.5 miles away from the base known as the Jackson County Memorial Hospital. To know more dial: 580-481-2350. This hospital has provision for emergency transportation facility. To avail that call on 911.


In 1943, the Altus Army Air Field started educating the pilots to operate the airplanes. An odd number of 5,377 graduates gave service in Europe during the World War II. In 1945 the army ceased utilizing the field. The Altus Air force Base came into operation in 1953. A special force named Tactical Air Command functioned for 10 months from Altus following which the Strategic Air Command took control over the base. The base has provision for aircrafts equipped with bombing facilities and tanks. 12 Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile are under the supervision of the installation scattered around south western Oklahoma.

The Military Airlift Command started operating in 1968 thus led to surfacing of the Altus as the official base for to train the C-5s and the C-141s.The training facility remained active in Altus by the 443rd Military Airlift Wing. This troop terminated and the air force further went on to initialize the 97th Air Mobility Wing. In 1993, the Military Airlift command transformed the installation over to Air Education and Training Command. The 97th Air Mobility Wing is the youngest in the field of aircraft programs. It made an evolutionary mark by utilizing the tanker aircraft facilitated with explosive equipments during for aerial refueling operation. In the Desert Storm operation, in 1991, the 97th wing participated efficiently.


  • The Altus Air Force Base is composed of 54 Air Refueling Squadron, 58 Airlift Squadron, 730 Air Mobility Training Squadron, 97 Air Mobility Wing, 97 Aircraft Division, 97 Civil Engineering Squadron, 97 Communications Squadron, 97 Contracting Services.
  • Flight, 97 Force Support Squadron, 97 Logistics Readiness Squadron, 97 Maintenance Directorate, 97 Maintenance Division, 97 Maintenance Operations Division, 97 Operations Support Squadron etc.


The army base has a total number of 530 state-of-the-art brick housing complexes. They are equipped with central heating and cooling capacities, stove, refrigerators; garbage bins etc. The housing Office caters to provide for the modern applications. Militants with dependent members can avail these units. The single military officials are to reside in the dormitory which presently has space for 1 personnel per room. They can enlist themselves for BAH.

Maj. Christian Langfeldt (left) and Capt. Oeyvind Haaheim, Norwegian air force pilots training in a C-17 Globemaster III simulator, perform a pre-flight check April 16 before "takeoff." They are enrolled in a C-17 pilot training course at the C-17 Aircrew Training Center at Altus Air Force Base, Okla. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Clinton Atkins)



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