Ali Al Salem Air Base is a military base owned by the Government of Kuwait, which hosted United States Marine Corps (USMC), United States Air Force (USAF), and Royal Air Force (RAF) aircraft and personnel during Operation Southern Watch from 1992 to 2003, and Operation Telic (Op TELIC) from 2003 to 2011. Situated 39 miles away from the Iraqi border, this air base had relevant importance through Operation Iraqi Freedom during the Iraq War, which lasted eight years, eight months and 28 days. The air base is situated on the sand dunes of "The Rock", as the surrounding desert plains are nicknamed.

Cost Of Living: Ali Al Salem Air Base and Camp Arifjan Kuwait had a cost of living allowance of 20% as of 2012. Based on up to date figures, the COLA (Cost of Living Allowance) Index is 0.28 for personnel ranked E 1 with two years of service and no dependents, which translates into a daily COLA of $ 15.478. Needless to say, life on Ali Al Salem is austere.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: DSN (STUIII) 318-442-2814, IM 318-442-2814. Commercial numbers are reachable through 011-965-263-5122; just let the operator know the DSN you need to reach. For cell phone numbers dial 011-965-263-5122 instead. Fax number (DSN):  318-442-2820, 24-hour contact, 609-0771 or 609-0885; the Kuwaiti operator is DSN 318-421-1000, but you will to ask for AFOSI. Base Population: After Operation Desert Thunder and a build-up renewal in late 1998, Ali Al Salem doubled the air base population to 1,500.

City/Area Population: The closest city to Ali Al Salem Air Base is Kuwait City, capital of Kuwait, with a population of 32,403 (as of the census 2005) which increased significantly in 2014, with an estimate number of 637,411 city inhabitants, and a 2,380,000 population, including the metropolitan area in the Kuwait Bay, overlooking the Persian Gulf.

Child Development Centers: Due to the education system is still promoting Islamic obedience and nationalism, the number of child development centers is reduced in Kuwait City, but includes the Reborn Kids Education Academy, The Sunshine Kindergarten, Little Harvard Preschool, and Montessori Kuwait, besides nearby centers such as Gulf Montessori Nursery in Salwa, Bloomingdales Day Care and Nursery in Dasma, Learning Steps in Sabah, Toddlers Town in Adailiya, and English Playground, a full school system including elementary education.

Youth Programs: The UMUC (University of Maryland University College) offers youth programs and professional formation within the air base at the Air Force Education Center, located in Building 376, next to the base lodging office and the "Drop Zone."

Family Readiness Centers: To find the nearest Family Readiness Center available at the air base zone, call the numbers cited above for further information.

Employment: Opportunities to work at Ali Al Salem are usually posted at USAJOBS, the Federal Government's Official Jobs Site, mostly aimed to actual Air Force staff members.

Base Services: Ali Al Salem includes a Flight Training School managed by Kuwait Air Force (KAF) besides amenities such as dining venues, a gym, an above ground swimming pool, and a clinic, besides a sort of Chapel or church built some years back. There is also a recreational center that runs games and tournaments, among other activities.


 In early 1990, Ali Al Salem was the only air base that was not occupied by the Iraqi Military. However, when it was discovered later that same year, Kuwaiti personnel fought the enemy until the air base was overrun by Iraqi forces, with the Kuwaiti General in charge of the troops was hanged from the base flagpole and the survivor staff shot to death. During the days of the first Persian Gulf War, Ali Al Salem was freed and returned to the Government of Kuwait.

Units: This air base hosts the Kuwaiti Air Force, besides several military units with a minimum of 5,000 U.S. troops stationed in Ali Al Salem air base as a part of a Defense Agreement between the USA and Kuwait.

Housing: Living facilities mostly consisted of tents until early this century, in which general-purpose structures and expandable shelters were added. In 2005, the Air Force started an out-of-tent project that has provided the air base with several building to date, providing the air force personnel a better standard of life.






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